How to create a new Twitter account after you’re suspended

How to create a new Twitter account after you’re suspended

If you’ve been suspended on Twitter don’t immediately make a new account; you’ll just get banned again before any of your friends can even retweet your #MyFirstTweet post.

Instead, follow my tips on creating a new Twitter account and you should be just fine (at least until your first hot take).

This guide will also work with some obvious adjustments for most social media networks.

So, how does Twitter discover my new account? The following is just speculation but it’s the most likely data points they’ll use to link your banned account with your new one:

  • IP Address
  • Cookies or login session data still stored on your device (browser or app data)
  • Using the same avatar, profile text, links, etc.
  • Unique identifier associated with your mobile device
  • Your old e-mail address
  • Your old phone #
  • Other unknown identifiers

So, what can you do to get back on Twitter after a suspension (as well as other social media sites)?

1.) Use A VPN

There are multiple free VPN services available that will hide your IP address from Twitter and other social media platforms.

  • Do a Google search and app store search for “free vpn” and you’ll find a bunch of them to use
  • ..or use a well known one with a free option like ProtonVPN (Works on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows & Mac)

2.) Create A New Phone #

Twitter has blocked most of the free temporary phone # services. Fortunately, Google Voice isn’t blocked and you can create a new # to use when signing up for an account. Google Voice will let you receive text messages, voice mail and calls at this new number.

  • Connect to the VPN you installed on your computer and select a VPN in the United States (Google Voice only works in the United States)
  • Create a new Google account and if asked select that you’re from the United States then go to to make your new # … or
  • If you have a Google account and live in the US go to to create your new phone/text number

Other options if the above doesn’t work for you:

  • Burner phone
  • Search for apps on your phone for burner numbers or free texting apps (A lot are preemptively blocked by Twitter but it’s worth a shot)

3.) Use A Different E-mail Address

Even if the social media network lets you use the same e-mail from an account that was suspended, it’ll likely alert them to your new account. Before signing up again get a new e-mail at,,, etc. for use with your new account.  Another option is to use a temporary e-mail service like 10 Minute Mail but those services are blocked on many platforms.

4.) Clear Your Browser History

Don’t use the Twitter mobile app to create your new account.  Since the app allows more access to your phone than the browser it probably has more data that can identify you to Twitter.

Desktop (Make sure to check all the boxes and select the option to delete everything):

Mobile (Make sure to check all the boxes and select the option to delete everything):

If you insist on making a new account with the mobile app then at least uninstall it and search for how to purge all the app data.

5.) Create A New Twitter Account

If you’ve followed all the steps above go ahead and create your new account using your now fresh version of your browser.

Also, make sure you’re connected to the VPN.

If you have any tips that I missed please leave them in the comments and if they aren’t idiotic I’ll add them to the article with credit.