List of Dissident Political Creators

List of Dissident Political Creators

This will be an forever incomplete but continuously updated list of dissident right YouTubers / Bitchute / Podcast creators.

If you notice one we’re missing please leave their channel name in the comments and I’ll add them ASAP.  The same goes for content creators on the list that have dropped off the scene… except of course they’re be removed.

Descriptions in quotes are from the particular creators about page.  Anything not in quotes is a description written by the editor of this page.

Annika Skywalker / Annika O’Brien

“Former Roboticist raising VC and private equity for bio-tech startups.”

Artemisian Aesthetic / J. LaDarc

“Culture, politics, philosophy, history… all from a new-right perspective.”

Black Pigeon Speaks

Primarily makes videos about culture & global affairs usually related to right wing thought.  High quality and interesting videos but he doesn’t seem entirely on the dissident right.

Black Pilled

“A trusty flashlight in the dark corners of the internet.” – In my opinion some the highest quality videos on our side.  Great breakdowns of Jewish influence in films.

Brittany Sellner

Right wing content for the ladies and topics concerning different aspects of society.

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

“Conservative millennial dame living in the communist hellscape of Seattle.” – Based for a female but being actively censored by her family.

Critical Condition / Robyn Riley

“Please join in on the convo about politics, philosophy, religion, culture, art, identity, history, meditation, and the world as we know it” –  Right wing lady with a YouTube channel.  Seems nice enough.


“It’s just me talking about stuff. Thanks, I’m white.” – Degenerate that thirsts after young asian women.  However, he’s really interesting to listen to.

Daughter of Albion

“It’s OK to be English.” – Extremely soothing to listen to her.  Has a real future in the ASMR category.  Actually, she makes good content focused on dissident right topics.

Ed Dutton The Jolly Heretic


“Neo-Reactionary – Nationalist – Christian”

Full Haus

“Full Haus is the world’s finest show for white fathers, aspiring ones, and the whole biofam. We aim to entertain and inform white parents who are raising children or eager to get in the greatest game.”

Gearoid Murphy

Irish right wing activist that looks shockingly like Computing Forever.

Greg Johnson

Fascist. Interesting guest on lots of streams.

JF Gariepy

“The Public Space is a political and news commentary show that is filmed live every day at 7 PM ET on YouTube. The Public Space features guests from all walks of life in order to understand the progression of political thought in various movements. The Public Space is politically neutral and does not associate or defend the views expressed by individuals on the show.”

James Allsup

“Politics & pop culture from the most censored owner of a YouTube silver play button.”  – Very basic far right 1.0 type content but entertaining nonetheless.

Jared Taylor

Everybody knows who he is, but if not check him out on the American Renaissance YouTube channel.

Jim Goad

Degenerate but puts on an entertaining podcast.  His YouTube channel is just karaoke so I linked to his website.

John Mark

Somewhat in our circles but mostly discusses Propertarianism.  Decent boogalootarian content.

Keith Woods

Solid guest on streams. Mostly comes off as NazBol.

Killstream / Ethan Ralph

Bloodsports type content but with some far right politics mixed in. Solid guest appearances.


Laura Towler

Primarily concerned with UK politics.

Libertas Metapolitics

“One political enthusiasts channel for discussion / news about Politics and Current Affairs in these crazy times!”

Mark Collett

“Mark Collett is a British Nationalist and political activist who has been actively campaigning on a patriotic platform since the turn of the century. The former Head of Publicity for the British National Party and the man in charge of the BNP’s successful GLA and European Election campaigns, Mark now works with a variety of groups and individuals within the UK and abroad.”

Martin Lichtmesz

Doesn’t have a YouTube channel that I can find. If anyone knows the URL let me know. 


“Just a northern bloke pontificating on a crazy world.”

Nick Fuentes

Mostly known for going on a date with a catboi.

No White Guilt

“My concern is with the harm that has been and is inflicted by antiwhites on Westmen (as individuals and as a whole i.e. Westernkind). My hope and objective is to bring purpose, safety, and happiness to Westernkind—to bring healing, empowerment, and inoculation to our people – White Wellbeing. Dignity for all, even whites.”

On The Offensive

Basic right wing content.

Orwell & Goode

Entertaining streams that mostly discuss the degeneracy of the day type topics. 


“One cat’s view of life, people, politics, and philosophy. And a few thoughts from his slave, too.” – Interesting content.  Check out her music.

Red Ice

Well known identitarian content creators.  Unfortunately, they were banned off of YouTube but you can find them on

Richard Spencer

Probably the most well known person on our side.

Scandza Forum (Frodi Midjord)

Scandza Forum always has solid speakers at the event.


“Semiotician. Neither liberal nor conservative. Proponent of individuation. Finds most -isms and -ists repellent. Regards mature aesthetics – within a framework of lawful and civil behavior – as vastly superior to normative moral frameworks.”

Survive The Jive

“Survive the Jive is a channel about history, ancient religions and nature. I’m a qualified historian, a credited journalist, and documentary film maker. I focus mainly on Indo-European cultures and most specifically on Germanic/Norse paganism but I also make videos on other subjects too.”


Brainy fella.  Does a show about books.

The Absolute State of Britain

They have a YouTube channel with only 1 video.  Primarily a podcast group so I linked to the podcast.

The After Party

Duo of No White Guilt and The Great Order

The Distributist

“A channel to explore the problems of modernity, the issues of our late political and economic order, and the need for spirituality and truth, editor and founder of VObscura online magazine and podcast.” – Says he’s taking a break from making videos.  I’ll leave him listed for a while.

The Franklin

“The Decline: because you’re worth it.™ Go on, spoil yourself. Spoil society. Spoil civilisation.”

The Golden One

“This is a channel dedicated to how glorious and magnificent I am.”

The Iconoclast

“British Nationalist, Anti-EU, Pro-Nation State, Anti-Mass Immigration, Pro-Personal Responsibility, and bloody handsome to boot”

The Red Elephants / Vincent James

AmNat content but seems like a decent guy.


DJ that’s new to the right wing politics scene. If you want the perspective of a noobie it might be interesting.

Waffen Haus

Hybrid between a dissident right interview show and a wignat version of bloodsports.  The interview episodes are enjoyable.


Top fashwave musician on the scene.