List of Free Speech Focused Social Media Sites

List of Free Speech Focused Social Media Sites

It’s getting more difficult these days for dissidents on the web and in general, especially since the 2016 election.  Social media services kick us off for no reason, we’re targeted by the FBI for simply not wanting the extermination of white people, and authoritarian groups like Antifa are using any vector to abuse us and our families.

For these reasons we need to get more crafty with how we conduct ourselves online and what services we use for communication.

Social Media


Whether you hate the creator Andrew Torba or love him, with the exception of a few high profile bans, they do seem to stick to the free speech theme.  You could argue though that they should have done a lot more with the massive amount of money they raked in from users.

User population also seems to have dwindled over time so you could be screaming into an empty void soon.


Minds has been around several years now and the developers seem to put in a lot of work into adding new features.  The site is mostly populated by alt-lite figures & MAGApedes but I hope it catches on with a broader crowd.


The infamous 4chan is still around but isn’t quiet as free speech friendly as it once was in its prime.  Also, /pol/ seems to have been taken over by American Nationalist types.  Additionally, it isn’t as user friendly as some of the big name social media networks.  With that said, check it out if a mostly free speech platform appeals to you.

8kun (Formerly 8Chan)

8kun is the relaunch of 8chan after it was DDOS’d out of existence after being banned on Cloudflare.  Word on the street is it’s primarily a Q-anon board now but I’ve see plenty of other posts unrelated to that topic.  Check it out while you can, because most likely it’ll be kicked off the internet shortly.

Final Recommendation:

Honestly, Twitter.  The rest are still boring to me.  However, I hope Minds takes off.


Secure Chat


From what I can tell Signal isn’t as popular as Telegram, at least not in our circles.  However, its encryption methodology is industry standard unlike Telegram. The service also hasn’t had as many hateful articles written it concerning “white nationalists” taking over the platform, which could put you under the radar.


Telegram is my current favorite because it has basically turned into a free speech version of Twitter with encrypted chats.  You can find interesting channels by joining one and then discovering others when someone forwards a Telegram message from another group.  Eventually, you’ll be in so many groups it becomes overwhelming.  Be aware though if someone in a group chat is fed posting, it happens frequently.

Join the Modern Dissent Telegram channel/group chat

Final recommendation:



Video Sharing


Bitchute is the tippy top of the rung when it comes to free speech video hosting.  However, it doesn’t seem like they’ve put in much effort when it comes to improving the service.  The interface, terrible search, and lack of channel editing features have plagued the service for years.  Word on the street though is they’re working on letting people livestream, and they’ve recently started soliciting donations that will go toward improving the site.


New site on the scene but they seem genuinely dedicated to free speech.  They probably need to make their promotional message more clear though, it’s hard to tell from their website.


One of the only games in town when it comes to somewhat free speech video streaming.  They will kick you off if you get a little too edgy but it’s a hell of a lot better than YouTube/Twitch/Mixxer currently.  There is another completely free speech option but the owner is a known doxxer so I’ve decided not to add it.


Minds allows you to upload your own videos but it isn’t quiet a library for video sharing.  I’ve added it anyway in case someone already wants to use Minds.

Final Recommendation:

Bitchute for video hosting, Dlive for streaming.


If you know of any other websites to add to this list let us know in the comments.